Hair Extensions & Alopecia Weave Specialist

About Rhonda Robinson ~ The Weave Genius
I am Rhonda Robinson aka The Weave Genius a Licensed Cosmetologist & Multi-Cultural Hair Extensions & Severe Alopecia Specialist. Owner/Founder of Weave College Inc. I have over 20 years experience in Alopecia Sew-in Weaves, Lace Installs & Hair Extensions. I am very well known in The Hair Industry across the globe as I have several trademarked techniques. I obtained most of my followers and became popular when I came up with the Lace Frontal™️ Sew-in & Braidless™️ Sew-in in 2005 (I am the true founder of these techniques). Once I came up with these techniques stylists started contacting me to train them. So, training other individuals was something I actually fell into and it has been history every since.

I put my first lace frontal™️ online for sale (as I am a webmaster also) in 2005 and it was like the ‘oprah effect’ it went viral.

I have trained thousands of individuals around the United States from the east coast as far as the west coast on how to make their very own wigs for themselves with the sewing machine or as a wig business. I show them the fast easy way of doing things. I show them how to operate the sewing and how to make a wig within a few hours.

I also train licensed individuals how to install hair extensions which is a very profitable industry to earn extra income for themselves.

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Locations: 860 US Highway 1 North Palm Beach Fl 33408 Suite 105F & 2121 Corporate Square Blvd Jacksonville FL 32216 Suite A119

ESTABLISHED SINCE 2003. 20 Years In Business!