Custom Enclosed Sew-in Install Deposit $50: CLICK HERE

Custom Enclosed Sew-in Install Deposit $50: CLICK HERE
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Product Description

Custom Enclosed Sew-in $230

A Custom Enclosed Sew-in is a sew-in with no hairpiece at all, only bundles are used to install the sew-in. Therefore, you will not have the expense of purchasing a hairpiece. The weft tracks are sewed in around the world with a net, until the sew-in is complete. Once at the top you will have a tiny small weft enclosure. It is almost how a quickweave looks at the top except no adhesive is used, only needle and thread are used. Install last up to 3-4 months. Install time 3-4 hours.

Price includes your shampoo & basic style (flat iron, body curls or loose wand curls). Hair is not included. You can purchase from me or bring your own new/used bundles.

NOTE: If getting a sew-in install and you need Additional Services (ex. take out sew-in) please list in message field so I can book the following appointments accordingly.

Precision Cuts (Bobs or Layers) $40 | Trim/Shaping No Charge

48 HOURS NOTICE REQUIRED! No, Last Minute Appointments please. No Show Fee $50.

Install last up to 3-4 Months.

REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS: TUESDAY-FRIDAY 9:30am -Taking Last Appointment at 5:30pm. SATURDAY/SUNDAY/MONDAY Per Request +$35.00.


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