Custom Enclosed Sew-in Install Jacksonville Fl

Custom Enclosed Sew-in Install Deposit
Custom Enclosed Sew-in Install Deposit
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Product Description

Our Custom Enclosed Sew-in service priced at $230 covers everything you need: shampoo, styling, and installation. With this technique, we use bundles instead of a hairpiece, saving you money since you won't need to purchase an extra piece. Typically, 2-3 bundles are used to create the style, and the weft tracks are securely sewn around your head without any adhesive, resulting in a durable and long-lasting style that can last up to 3-4 months. The installation process takes about 3-4 hours. Additionally, if you need to straighten out any curly bundles, it's an extra $50.

The $230 price includes shampooing and a basic style, such as flat ironing, body curls, or loose wand curls. Please note that you'll need to purchase the hair separately, but you can order ahead to ensure we have your preferred length and texture in stock. Brazilian hair requires 3 days' notice, while Real Indian Hair needs 14 days. However, we do keep some bundles in stock for immediate purchase.

For any cancellations or rescheduling, please text us at 904-414-3998. We're here to accommodate your needs and ensure you leave looking fabulous!