Custom Colored Bundles

Color Hair Bundle
Color Hair Bundle
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Product Description

**Bundle Coloring Pricing PER PIECE:**

1. **Single-Color Bundle Coloring - $65:** Get your bundle colored with your choice of one vibrant shade. Our professional process ensures even color distribution for stunning results.

2. **Dual-Color Bundle Coloring - $100:** Opt for two colors on a single bundle for a more intricate look. The pricing reflects the extra time and care needed for multiple hues.

**Closure Coloring Pricing:**

1. **Single-Color Lace Closure - $40:** Transform your lace closure with a single color, seamlessly blending with your natural hair or making a bold statement.

2. **Dual-Color Closure - $65:** Add dimension with two colors on your closure, perfect for diverse styling options and hair lengths.

**Frontal Coloring Pricing:**

1. **Single-Color Frontal - $70:** Enhance your frontal with one color, achieving a flawless finish and seamless integration with your hair.

2. **Dual-Color Frontal - $100:** Express yourself with two colors on your frontal, offering endless possibilities for a unique look.

**Wig Coloring Pricing:**

1. **Single-Color Wig - $130:** Personalize your wig with a single color, whether you're sticking to a natural hue or going bold.

2. **Dual-Color Wig - $170:** Make a statement with two distinct colors on your wig, showcasing your individual style.

**Coloring Process:**

- *Preparation:* All coloring is done in advance, ensuring your hair is ready to use on the day of your appointment.

**Refund Policy:**

- *No Refunds on Custom Color:*