Heated Hair Fusion: Keratin K-Tips/F-Tips/V-Tips Install Deposit $450: CLICK HERE

Heated Hair Fusion: Keratin K-Tips/F-Tips/V-Tips Install Deposit $450: CLICK HERE
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Product Description

Heated Keratin Hair Fusion (K-Tips/F-Tips/V-Tips) $450 if you are bringing your own hair.

Heated Keratin Hair Fusion (K-Tips/F-Tips/V-Tips) Install is $700 - $1,000 if you are using my hair for install.

I have been installing heated keratin hair fusion since 2001. What is hair fusion? It is one of my favorite techniques. It is where you take a few strands of the natural hair and join it with a few strands of artificial hair and keratin. Heated Keratin Hair Fusion (K-Tips/F-Tips/V-Tips) is all the same, just a different shaped keratin tip. It is all bonded using a heating tool the same way. This creates small plugs of hair extensions. Hair Fusion install can last up to 4-6 months. Some wear it longer: however, this is not recommended. It can be worn in a high pony and this is why it is the most loved hair extensions. The hair fusion is also very light weight & carefree. Hair Fusion lasts up to 4-5 months (sometimes longer with great care).

HairvFusion Hair comes in a variety of colors and textures. I can also custom color it. Hair is matched to any ethnicity. Your hair must be at least 6-8 inches for hair fusion. Please note, this service is not for you, if you have alopecia and extreme breakage in the crown area. Your hair must be long enough to cover the fusion bonds. I can install it to any texture; However, if your hair is extremely kinky/coarse I advise it to be softened with a texturizer/relaxer. Do not use any oily products near the scalp or near the fusion bonds. Allow 4-6 Hours for this service.

PRICE IF YOU ARE USING MY HAIR: (Bone Straight, Relaxed Yakiwave, Deep Curl, Natural Curly Ringlet, Natural Wavy, or Kinky Curly) 75 Strands $700 14”-18” | 100 Strands 14”-18” $800 (Most Popular) | 125 Strands 14”-18” $900 | 150 Strands 14”-18” $1,000

Longer Lengths 20” + $100 | 22” +$200 | 24” +$300 | 26” +$400 28” +$500


Text Photos 904-414-3998 without Weave or Book Virtual or In Person Consult).

Precision Cuts $40 | Trim Included

BUSINESS HOURS: TUESDAY-FRIDAY 9:30am -Taking Last Appointment at 5:30pm. OVERTIME HOURS SATURDAY/SUNDAY/MONDAY Per Request + $35.00.

48 HOURS NOTICE REQUIRED! No, Last Minute Appointments please. No Show Fee $50.


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