Tape Extension Install Deposit $50: CLICK HERE

Tape Extension Install Deposit $50: CLICK HERE
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Product Description

Tape Extension Install $250

What are Tape Extensions? Tape extensions are hair a pancake fashion to thicken the hair throughout. Usually 3-4 tracks are added. Tape Extensions last up to 2 months with proper care. Your natural hair needs to be naturally straight, relaxed straight, body wavy or a loose wave texture. Install time 2-3 hours.

I prefer you to bring your own tape extensions to be installed. Use this link to purchase high quality Tape Extension Hair:Shop the Best Selling in Hair Extensions Exclusively at PerfectLocks.com

Price includes your shampoo & basic style (flat iron, body curls or loose wand curls). Hair is not included. YOU WILL NEED TO BRING IN YOUR OWN TAPE EXTENSION HAIR FOR THIS SERVICE. Usually, about 80 tabs are used for install.

NOTE: If getting a sew-in install and you need Additional Services (ex. take out sew-in) please list in message field so I can book the following appointments accordingly.

Precision Cuts (Bobs or Layers) $55 | Trim/Shaping $30

FOR APPOINTMENT AVAILABILITY, SEE LIVE CALENDAR BELOW. Start Time 9:30am -Taking Last Appointment at 5:30pm.