Wig Sewed In: Deposit $50 CLICK HERE

Wig Sewed In: Deposit $50 CLICK HERE
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Product Description

Wig Sewed In with Adhesive or Without Adhesive $230. Install last up 2-3 Months. Install time 2 hours.

Save time on your install by getting a wig sew-in. Itís the same as a sew-in except itís already put together. Itís also reusable if itís a human hair wig and gives you great coverage. Another, great plus is, you know what your sew-in will look like before itís finished. Why, because you get to try it on first. Most, of my sew-in wigs have ventilated caps, so they are breathable, comfortable & lightweight.

Price includes your shampoo, braid down, install & basic style (flat iron, body curls or loose wand curls). Wig is not included. You can purchase from me a or bring your own wig in.

NOTE: If getting a sew-in install and you need Additional Services (ex. take out sew-in) please list in message field so I can book the following appointments accordingly.

Precision Cuts (Bobs or Layers) $55 | Trim/Shaping $30

FOR APPOINTMENT AVAILABILITY, SEE LIVE CALENDAR BELOW. Start Time 9:30am -Taking Last Appointment at 5:30pm.